4th Degree Knights perform in new Regalia

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Our Mission San Diego Council, Saint Junipero Serra Council 9498, is comprised of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree members.

If you wish to be in the 4th degree, you need to join an Assembly.  The Assembly linked to our Council is Bishop Buddy Assembly.

Any 3rd degree member is eligible to join;  the meetings are separate, the dues are separate and one Assembly represents several “Councils”.

In each Assembly, there is a volunteer group called the “Color Corps”.  These are the Knights who dress up in uniform, with swords.

These members represent the “Patriotic” Arm of the Knights of Columbus.

Currently there are 4 Saint Junipero Serra Council members who are also Color Corps members; Albert Gonzalez, Jaime Delgado, Timothy Miller and Fred Hall.

We had our first turnout this past Memorial Day to help Rev. Raymond Philip Napuli celebrate the Monday, May 31st Memorial Day Mass.

When the color corps commander asked Fr Philip, “what would you like us to do?” , Fr Philip said he didn’t quite know, this was his first Mass with the Knights of Columbus.

It was a win-win for Fr Philip and the new 4th degree color corps.

Once you belong to a 4th degree assembly, you are welcome to purchase a color corps uniform and participate in Patriotic events.

If you have an interest in becoming a 4th degree member, please feel free to contact me.

Fred Hall, Color Corps Commander, Bishop Buddy Assembly, member, Saint Junipero Serra Council 9498.

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