2 April 2022- Lenten Fish Dinner

2 April marked the completion of six weeks of Lenten Fish Dinner’s facilitated by the council with the assistance of the Columbiettes. This year was an amazing success due in large part to GK Brian Carr, WFS Ken Torok, and countless other men of the council. In all, more than 600 meals were served featuring homemade potatoes, coleslaw, clam chowdah, our ever-popular fried and baked fish, and DGK Phil’s world famous shrimp scampi. A big thank you to Anthony’s Fish Grotto for helping to supply the necessary seafood.

It was apparent this year that the community was ready to continue the return to normal life and enjoy the fellowship of the dinners for the first time in a couple of years, as last year was only provided on a to-go basis due to the pandemic. The evening closed out with Monsignor Mark Campbell offering some kind words, and the Columbiettes holding a giant raffle for a wide variety of gift baskets, including some Padre’s tickets! No doubt the Knights will be back again next year for what will be the 13th annual Fish Fry!

27 February 2022- Father Peter’s Retirement

On February 27th a multitude of ministries from Mission San Diego pitched in to help celebrate the retirement of our Pastor, Father Peter, after 40 years of dedicated pastoral service to our community. Father Peter celebrated his last Mass as Pastor including a homily that everyone thoroughly enjoyed and also highlighted his compassion and care for his flock, as well as his outstanding sense of humor.

Following the Mass, a great many parishioners, family and friends took part in an amazing meal prepared by the various ministries from the Mission. The Knights were on hand to tend bar and assist in any way needed. The food and beverages were exceptional and enjoyed by all. Meanwhile Father Peter stood for a receiving line that stretched on through the night as hundreds of grateful members of the community shook his hand to thank him for his service and bid him farewell and a happy retirement!

23 October 2021- Oktoberfest

On October 23rd the Knights of Council 9498 joined together to put on the Mission’s annual Oktoberfest. There was a lot of anticipation surrounding the event as COVID had forced the parish to take a year off from this popular meal. With the help of the Columbiettes Oktoberfest 2021 was a huge success. Both a fundraising opportunity and a chance for fellowship, an estimated 130 parishioners from the Mission joined in for Bratwurst, homemade potato salad, and pretzels with beer cheese. A big thank you to GROUNDSWELL BREWING CO for their generous donation of some freshly brewed libations. Great fun was had by all, and the Knights were excited to be part of getting life back to being a step closer to normal.

18 July 2021- Festival of the Bells

On Sunday, the Knights of 9498 jumped in to help out with the Mission’s Festival of the Bells- the celebration of the 247th year since its founding. Brother Knights assisted with cooking burgers and dogs, serving drinks, setup and cleanup, and provided a Color Guard for the ceremonies.

11 July 2021- Installation of Officers for 2021 Columbian Year

On 11 July, the Knights of Council 9498 celebrated the installation of their newly elected officers for the 2021 Columbian Year. Each year council members have the opportunity to run for office and hold key critical positions of leadership within the council. Headed by our Worthy Grand Knight, the additional officers and appointees ensure we are financially viable, track and record numerous administrative matters, and lead projects, fundraisers, and social events.

Last Columbian Year, with the pandemic looming, it was all our officers could do just to keep the council together and functioning amidst myriad restrictions that put a halt to many of our normal operations and activities. While serving as an officer is a privilege, it is also an opportunity for each Knight elected to leave their mark on the Council. With last years slate of officers hampered by the pandemic and its restrictions, the members of 9498 decided to leave the slate largely unchanged from last year, thereby affording these fine men the opportunity to lead yet again.

June 2021- 4th Degree Knights Perform in New Regalia

Our Mission San Diego Council, Saint Junipero Serra Council 9498, is comprised of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree members.

If you wish to be in the 4th degree, you need to join an Assembly.  The Assembly linked to our Council is Bishop Buddy Assembly.

Any 3rd degree member is eligible to join;  the meetings are separate, the dues are separate and one Assembly represents several “Councils”.

In each Assembly, there is a volunteer group called the “Color Corps”.  These are the Knights who dress up in uniform, with swords.

These members represent the “Patriotic” Arm of the Knights of Columbus.

Currently there are 4 Saint Junipero Serra Council members who are also Color Corps members; Albert Gonzalez, Jaime Delgado, Timothy Miller and Fred Hall.

We had our first turnout this past Memorial Day to help Rev. Raymond Philip Napuli celebrate the Monday, May 31st Memorial Day Mass.

When the color corps commander asked Fr Philip, “what would you like us to do?” , Fr Philip said he didn’t quite know, this was his first Mass with the Knights of Columbus.

It was a win-win for Fr Philip and the new 4th degree color corps.

Once you belong to a 4th degree assembly, you are welcome to purchase a color corps uniform and participate in Patriotic events.

If you have an interest in becoming a 4th degree member, please feel free to contact me.

Fred Hall, Color Corps Commander, Bishop Buddy Assembly, member, Saint Junipero Serra Council 9498.

May 2021- Knights Donate to Youth Ministry

With COVID-19 hampering many of the Council’s typical fundraising and charitable events, the Knights of 9498 found creative ways to continue supporting their parish. Over the course of the last year, the member Knights of Saint Junipero Serra Council collected over $500 which was donated Mission San Diego de Alcala’s Youth Ministry at a small ceremony on Sunday, May 16, 2021.

Worthy of particular mention are the efforts of Brother Albert that spearheaded the effort. Brother Vito Lorenzini is also a volunteer youth minister and says that the donation is very much appreciated. The funds will be used to defray costs in the upcoming year.